Duty Calls: The Country House in Time of War

2013 will see the launch of a new collaborative project by the Yorkshire Country House Partnership which explores the impact of war on the country house and its community.

In a series of linked exhibitions, trails and events, nine country houses will share their remarkable stories of how war has affected them over the centuries; influencing their use, occupation and ownership and in many cases, altering the course of their history.

Through conflicts such as English Civil War, the Jacobite Risings and the Boer War as well as the two World Wars, the project will investigate the far-reaching social and economic consequences of war on country houses and their estates. It will also explore the impact of war at a personal level, through the experiences of family members, their employees and tenants, both in combat and at home.

Drawing on paintings, photographs, arms and militaria, as well as a rich selection of archival sources and oral histories, the exhibitions will highlight the pivotal role that war has played in shaping country house histories and lives of those connected with them.