Exhibitions and Projects

The projects the Partnership has engaged in have all been designed to enhance both academic and public understanding. This work has resulted in a variety of outcomes, from dissertations at PhD, MA or undergraduate level, to publications, lectures, seminars and exhibitions in the houses.

The Partnership fully endorses the view that knowledge exchange is the best way of connecting connecting different disciplines and audiences, and helping to unlock the public value of these houses and their collections and histories.

Past Exhibitions

Duty Calls: The Country House in Time of War A series of exhibitions across Yorkshire in 2013 and 2014

Duty Calls: The Country House in Time of War looked at the impact of various conflicts on nine of Yorkshire’s major country houses, and the experiences of their occupants and wider communities, from the perspectives of owners, servants, tenants and estate workers.

From March 2013 until October 2014 a series of interlinked exhibitions, trails and activities highlighted and explored each house’s own particular experiences, collections and stories. Through photographs, paintings, memorabilia and a rich selection of letters, journals, and estate papers, Duty Calls told the story of how these estates and their communities faced the hardships of war across three centuries.

The Duty Calls exhibition at Castle Howard continues throughout 2015. A Gift from a Nation at Harewood House from 3 April until 1 November 2015 tells the story of Princess Mary's gift boxes, sent to troops during the First World War.